Do you know why many dieters keep failing to lose weight or get healthier? They don’t have all the answers, or they would make very common and easy to spot mistakes. If you know where these are, you probably won’t make them!

So here you are with 10 obvious and easy to spot mistakes that can help you improve your diet and keep you there. Dieting or getting healthier doesn’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable.

Step 1 It’s all too much work

Many diets break down not because they are TOO HARD TO DO or because the goals are NOT EXCopenable or unrealistic, but because the plans or programmes quadruple the effort you have to put in. No one is going to put on a treadmill for a few hours a day and slowly eat their way into Intosize, but if they chase their downloaded “Fat-Loss” book from Drive-Thrus.

What diets do is pressure, they should of course, the focus of a diet should be on the individual and their needs and thinking about what they want to achieve. They feel a certain way and they think a certain way. But there are so many other individualities that creep in and replace the feeling, the idealism.

Before it becomes too much to ask, the diet or drizzle diet book author needs to be honest with you: you know these are the same people who buy their books or whatever it must be, and all good marketing people are worth it. If they try too hard to make the diet unrealistic or painful, something has to go and it has to go a long way. The key is to incorporate as many principles as possible into the diet without overdoing it, without the book giving you all the details: The points where it can help you might be a couple of chapters on energy and fat burning Your motivation goes up a few notches and helps you take action. There are a number of reference materials on my website to help you get a feel for the book and feel better without using your own words.

Step 2 There are a whole lot of vegetables

I don’t care if you are slim or overweight or if you have health problems: There are plenty of vegetables you can eat that release fat-burning hormones. You need these hormones to get in better shape and burn fat easily and naturally in your body. And many of the foods that release the hormones are very commonly eaten, like theOh, why didn’t I start exercising? Vegetables.

Step 3 Don’t destroy our fat-burning efforts

Some people can exercise their bodies to burn more and more fat without counting calories and without massive physical exertion, but many of us face daily temptations to eat calories or sugar or high-fat foods that destroy our fat-burning efforts. It doesn’t have to be difficult – with the right attitude and a little free time!

Step 4 Find the right attitude

The first step to consistent, long-term fat burning is simple – and this is a tip: throw away all diet pills, gimmicks, grape fruits and cellulite-sized foods. Nothing works unless you are willing to do it fairly! If you are willing to embrace some old-fashioned common sense, you will succeed.

To succeed you need to eat less and exercise more – but not too much or you won’t get where and it won’t be fair. There is no quick fix in dieting. But if you want to succeed, you have to make it a game – you have to be willing to put in the time and effort and stick to a daily discipline of sensible eating. An almost foolproof way to reduce body fat and keep it off is to adopt the attitudes of a diet role model.

Step 5 Prepare to take a breather

It doesn’t matter how hard you work out – if you don’t get enough sleep at night, you’ll be too tired to concentrate and you’ll be tempted to eat too many fat-burning foods. Your fat-burning efforts will be sabotaged if you don’t give sleep the priority it deserves – which is probably a good idea if you’re a teenager or have a habit of getting excited about the whole book!