Erectile dysfunction can be a burden on both the partner and the man affected. Potency problems are more common as we age. This can be due to psychological stress or physical illness. PDE-5 inhibitors can be used to treat erectile problems. However, natural active ingredients, local aids and lifestyle changes can also be helpful.

According to medical statistics, erectile dysfunction affects one fifth of German men. Only 1.4 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction before the age 40. Nearly seven percent of those affected are between the ages of 50 and 59. The disease’s frequency peaks in men aged 60-69 years. It then slowly declines – due also to the gradual decline of sexual activity. slowly declining – also due the gradual decline of sexual activity.

What are Erectile Dysfunctions and How Can They Be Treated?

Young men reach their peak sexual performance at around 20 years old. Their sexual potency slowly declines over the next 20 years. Many men notice a change in their erectile ability around their 40th birthday. They no longer feel as stiff in their penis, and they need more intense stimulation. Ejaculation can also be performed less often. These changes are not clinically significant. This could be due to hormonal changes, physical strain, stress and possibly partner problems.

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Six months after six months, Erection Problems are clinically relevant

Most men are familiar with temporary erection issues. However, most episodes resolve themselves quickly. Erectile dysfunction is clinically relevant according to the German Society of Urology. This means that at least 70% of planned sexual contact fails to occur over a six-month period due to an absence or weak erection. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that results in a loss of erection.2 Since 2010, the European Society of Urology has developed a guideline for diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction. The definition of erectile disorder has not changed.

This condition is often referred to in medicine by the term “erectile dysfunction”, and more commonly as “impotence”.

Erectile problems: Neurobiological triggers

Erectile dysfunction is always caused by neurobiological processes that are out-of-balance, regardless of the immediate triggers. The penile musculature is the blood circulation. It involves the circulatory system, penile muscle, nervous system, and various enzymes as well as neuronal messengers at the cellular level.

The cellular control of erection is not working smoothly. This means that the erectile tissue in the penis does not receive enough blood or the blood returns to the veins too quickly. It is possible that an erection with sufficient strength and duration to allow for the consummation may not be possible.

Erectile Dysfunction: Possible Signs

It is easy to see erectile dysfunction. A physical cause may be present if they occur gradually. A possible psychological cause is sudden appearances of potency problems.

If spontaneous erections occur during sleep, it is more likely that a psychological cause.

Vitamins and Minerals are important for Erectile Dysfunction

For maintaining or regaining your potency, it is important to have a good supply of vitamins. Zinc can influence testosterone levels. Vitamin E promotes blood circulation, and vascular health.

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