First of all, imagine how you will look as the most expensive guest in your wedding reception. You have bought the most beautiful dress, shoes, the most beautiful venue and the sky is the limit for the total of 20 witnesses. You have also bought your doenery. Now imagine how difficult it will be to fit into such a tight-fitting dress when you are 60 kilograms heavier than the average woman. Now imagine how difficult it will be to get into the dress when all eyes are firmly on you. And now, if the thought of swimming the hy-sled, sliding on a plane or running the race seems more than your courage, try amazingly hard and yes, you will win the battle of the bulge.

Now sit still and imagine yourself in your most wanted place in the world. It is the place of choice where the standards of the society are really different, which everyone has acknowledged as the best place for the beautiful people. Any woman who steps out of her comfort zone is considered unattractive by men. But not every woman lives in that place, most of us are creepy.

Now imagine for a split second that you live in a time where everyone is very conscious of beauty. This woman is trying to fit in with the crowd, so she chooses the plus size dress, the trenches are not too low, and when thoughts of an emotional breakdown set in, her inner strength fails a thousand times out of ten and she gives into the almighty KFC. She doesn’t just give in, she swears up and down that she will lose the unwanted weight and eventually do what it takes to be beautiful. Sound familiar?

This says a lot about the overweight individual that even if all means available to him are reduced to smoke the Jenny Craig dust, he will always fail again.

But why do people fail again and again? The answer is quite simple; it is human nature. Have you ever considered this?

“Man is what he thinks he is,” goes the cliché. The truth is that most people think they are not beautiful or attractive, that they are not like other people. Then they create an excuse to avoid self-actualisation. We call this self-denial. Why? This is because an individual is not aware or willing to look in the mirror and admit to himself that he is ugly and unattractive. Instead, it ignores the ugly truth and convinces itself that it is beautiful and could be more attractive if only it could exercise and diet.

Don’t you think a healthy state of mind means accessing your neurons for filtered information and all the factors that influence resolution, especially when it comes to weight loss and achieving your primary goal?

The only way to successfully lose weight and not gain it back is through mental programming (self reprogramming) such as hypnotherapy and meditation to gain mental clarity and confidence as well as sexy, toned muscles.

Here’s what I mean by mental programming: be positive, focus on the primary goal and think about the end result instead of beating yourself up when you go off your diet. This will give you the courage to stay on track and correct even the smallest slips.

You will find that your confidence and self-esteem will increase as you get into the habit of stopping to consider what you are missing and how you can implement simple, inexpensive steps into your daily life to maintain your weight loss. You’ll find that your ability to manage food will decrease, and you’ll find that cravings for high-calorie foods are far less likely to spiral out of control when you’re more aware of what you’re eating and how your body feels after eating it.

So if you have considered dieting and now understand that you feel just like a dieter, why would you spend money on a diet and starve yourself when you know deep down that you can reach your ideal weight… without ever having to diet again? Why can’t you just take small steps to change your eating habits and have the foods you really enjoy?

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