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Impotence – is the Reason for Divorce and Quarrels! TestoUltra can avoid this!

Today, I am going to address a delicate but important topic: men’s health. Each day, I get many requests asking me to share information about the latest methods of potency restoration. Surprisingly these are often questions that women ask to help their husbands deal with this serious problem. Men are more likely to avoid talking about the problem and to not rush to see a doctor when they realize the need.

These intimate conversations can be understood and no one would want to share them with a stranger, even a doctor. Today I’ll tell you how to restore potency quickly and safely without the need for chemistry or operations. It is important to note that bed problems can occur much earlier in modern men. Sometimes it starts after 30 years of age, and sometimes at a younger age.

You can expect to lose your health over time if you don’t take care of yourself. After several failed attempts at bed, it can happen. Some men start to take Viagra and other medications. It is not necessary to do this! Viagra and similar preparations do provide strong erections, but for a brief time. These preparations don’t treat! The man also loses his confidence and cannot live without magic pills.

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Is it possible to have good Potency at any age

We all have heard the stories about stars and famous men who married young women. These marriages are successful because babies are born and the men are happy. Young wives are proud of their husbands’ success and will tell their stories. How does this happen? What about Viagra, Cialis, and other similar drugs? It is not.

TestoUltra is completely herbal and can be released without the need for a prescription. It is gentle to tolerate, does not cause side effects, and is not addictive. This is due to the fact that TestoUltra does not fight the effect but the cause of the disease. It simultaneously acts in three effects: Normal metabolism, testosterone secretion, dilatation blood vessels, elimination cholesterol deposits, and inflammatory processes within the prostate.

TestoUltra’s main advantage is its soft effect and strong results. Urotrin can also be purchased in Germany at the moment.

Laboratories tests took a lot of time. All necessary certificates of safety were obtained. The Institute of Urology also conducted extensive clinical studies, which produced excellent results.

TestoUltra offers stable erection and increases libido. It also blocks premature ejaculation. Only natural components, in the right amounts, give excellent results within the first few weeks.

TestoUltra results:

1. Strong stable erection that is easy to manage

2. Increased duration of sexual intercourse: Sexual intercourse can last up to 2 hours.

3. Increased attraction

4. Increasing the quality and quantity of sperm.

5. Longer and more intense orgasms

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Potency Problems and their Causes – Eroxel as a Treatment Option!

Nearly seven percent of men aged 30 and under have problems with their potency. Nearly ten percent of men aged 40 and under have symptoms of erectile dysfunction. dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by many different factors.

Reasons for Impotence

Erectile dysfunction may be caused by more than just physical discomfort. Erectile dysfunctions can often be more about the psychological side than their physical symptoms. Many men consider the topic of “potency problems” taboo.

Potency problems in young men can be caused by psychological or physical triggers. Erectile dysfunction can result from stress at work, financial worries, future fears, or disputes within the partnership. Many men feel embarrassed to visit the doctor and seek out effective treatment.

However, medicine has made significant progress in the area of erectile dysfunction. This means that many men can now be treated quickly and easily. Below is a guide that will give you an overview of common causes and treatment options for potency problems. This guide will help you quickly grasp the causes of potency problems.

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Equilibrium: Bring back Hormone Balance

Healthy erection is dependent on the male hormone balance. The male sex hormone testosterone, in particular, is responsible for erectile functions. The testosterone level decreases with age which can affect the potency. It is possible to increase testosterone levels and eliminate erection problems by taking the appropriate hormone balance supplements.

Obesity and a poor diet

People who eat a poor diet and are overweight suffer more from problems with their fertility than those in good health. A poor diet can lead to lower blood flow and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Erectile dysfunction may also be caused by obesity and unhealthy eating habits.

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When Erectile Dysfunction Suddenly Appears – Eroxel Can Prevent It!

He was standing tall last week, and today he isn’t getting any easier. It can be frustrating when erectile dysfunction strikes out of the blue. This is not a common problem. Potency problems do not always develop insidiously. Sudden erection problems can be caused by taking a new medication, losing your job, or even a change in your diet. can cause sudden erection problems.

Is Sudden ED a Phase or a sudden occurrence?

Sometimes things don’t go as planned in bed. It’s normal for this to happen and there is no reason to be concerned. Erectile function can also be affected by a partner who seems distant or if the mood is abnormally tense. The desire to mate does not arise because you feel uncomfortable. It may also feel limp during sex.

It can become strenuous if it becomes too difficult. He may even hang his head, even if stimuli are less strong or daily thoughts dampen the pleasure. He may hang his head. Erectile dysfunction is only diagnosed by doctors if you have problems for a longer time. You are not able to erection satisfactorily for more than three months. Does your member become flaccid or weaker after 6 months? These cases could indicate impotence.

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What is the cause of sudden Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by many things. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by pre-existing conditions, hormonal imbalances, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking. If erectile dysfunction happens suddenly, you may need to take a medication. You should inform your doctor if you are taking a new medication, changing your medication, or if your medication has been adjusted. You may experience a sudden decrease in erection due to medications such as antidepressants and high blood pressure.

Sudden impotence may also be caused by psychological factors. Is there a significant change in your life? Are you currently under pressure? Have you lost your job? Are we experiencing a change in our daily routine? Or are we constantly under pressure. It’s not just our well-being that is affected. Sometimes, we experience things worse than we think. If we feel ill, even the best piece of equipment, it can cause us to lose our mental health. Sometimes, it hangs its head.

How do I reverse my Erectile Dysfunction?

There are many treatment options depending on the cause of your erectile problems. Treatment of the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction is important. Erectile dysfunction can occur when you take medication. Your doctor can discuss the options with you.

Talking and behavioral therapies, as well as relaxation techniques, can be used to treat erectile dysfunction caused by psychological issues. Good mental and physical health should always be the first priority. Erectile function can be improved by changing your diet and getting enough exercise.

PDE-5 inhibitors are a targeted treatment for erectile dysfunction. This sexual enhancer increases blood flow to your erectile tissues and counteracts premature premature flaccidity. Your erection can also be enhanced and sustained longer with prescription potency pills.

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More Potency and Sexuality Now with Eroxel

Erectile dysfunction and sexual dysfunction are both common issues that play an increasing part in our society today. There are many causes, ranging from lifestyle to psychological issues. Erectile dysfunction can also precede other diseases, such as heart disease and stroke. Heart and vascular diseases can be delayed by many years.


The problem is that many affected men visit the doctor too late. As with many other diseases and conditions, it’s easier to treat the early signs. It is easier to help.

Erectile dysfunction (ED), which can be either a sui generis or complication, is a common condition. It is a very common condition due to its prevalence and high incidence. Recent years have seen a wide response from the lay media to new, highly effective oral medications.

This has significantly helped to bring erectile dysfunction out from the taboo. Erectile dysfunction is now a common condition and is discussed often in general practice by either the patient or his partner. The patient’s partner may also be involved in general practice. Physicians should also be asking questions about sexual history. Here are the key pathophysiology, diagnostics, and treatment points. ED can be treated, if not cured, today.

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Chronic diseases, stress and other factors (e.g. Potency problems can be caused by stress, chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure), mental stress, operations, spine diseases, heart disease, medications, and other factors. Temporary erectile dysfunction may also occur in healthy people.


In many cases, erectile dysfunction can be treated. Modern medicine has many promising treatments for this condition. We as urologists have the ability to examine and treat erectile dysfunction.

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Erectile dysfunction can be a burden on both the partner and the man affected. Potency problems are more common as we age. This can be due to psychological stress or physical illness. PDE-5 inhibitors can be used to treat erectile problems. However, natural active ingredients, local aids and lifestyle changes can also be helpful.

According to medical statistics, erectile dysfunction affects one fifth of German men. Only 1.4 percent of men experience erectile dysfunction before the age 40. Nearly seven percent of those affected are between the ages of 50 and 59. The disease’s frequency peaks in men aged 60-69 years. It then slowly declines – due also to the gradual decline of sexual activity. slowly declining – also due the gradual decline of sexual activity.

What are Erectile Dysfunctions and How Can They Be Treated?

Young men reach their peak sexual performance at around 20 years old. Their sexual potency slowly declines over the next 20 years. Many men notice a change in their erectile ability around their 40th birthday. They no longer feel as stiff in their penis, and they need more intense stimulation. Ejaculation can also be performed less often. These changes are not clinically significant. This could be due to hormonal changes, physical strain, stress and possibly partner problems.

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Six months after six months, Erection Problems are clinically relevant

Most men are familiar with temporary erection issues. However, most episodes resolve themselves quickly. Erectile dysfunction is clinically relevant according to the German Society of Urology. This means that at least 70% of planned sexual contact fails to occur over a six-month period due to an absence or weak erection. Erectile dysfunction is a condition that results in a loss of erection.2 Since 2010, the European Society of Urology has developed a guideline for diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction. The definition of erectile disorder has not changed.

This condition is often referred to in medicine by the term “erectile dysfunction”, and more commonly as “impotence”.

Erectile problems: Neurobiological triggers

Erectile dysfunction is always caused by neurobiological processes that are out-of-balance, regardless of the immediate triggers. The penile musculature is the blood circulation. It involves the circulatory system, penile muscle, nervous system, and various enzymes as well as neuronal messengers at the cellular level.

The cellular control of erection is not working smoothly. This means that the erectile tissue in the penis does not receive enough blood or the blood returns to the veins too quickly. It is possible that an erection with sufficient strength and duration to allow for the consummation may not be possible.

Erectile Dysfunction: Possible Signs

It is easy to see erectile dysfunction. A physical cause may be present if they occur gradually. A possible psychological cause is sudden appearances of potency problems.

If spontaneous erections occur during sleep, it is more likely that a psychological cause.

Vitamins and Minerals are important for Erectile Dysfunction

For maintaining or regaining your potency, it is important to have a good supply of vitamins. Zinc can influence testosterone levels. Vitamin E promotes blood circulation, and vascular health.

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Can Sport combined with Eroxel solve Potency Issues?

Power problems can often be solved naturally. We explain how it works and what exercises can be used to do this.

Many men consider erection problems taboo. However, it is important to try natural remedies before you resort to taking prescriptions.

Definition: An erectile disorder is a condition that causes inability to erection sufficiently to allow for satisfactory sexual activity.

Pelvic floor exercises against impotence

Problems with the pelvic floor are not just a problem for women, but can also be a problem for men. Bladder weakness and impotence can be caused by prostate discomfort, surgery, or vascular disease. Affected men are one in three over 50. More than half of men can have erections again with a little exercise and six months of training. It all depends on these muscles

Many men don’t know where the pelvic floor muscles are, unlike most women. These muscles are located between the pubic bones and the coccyx. They can be felt by pulling the root of their penis towards the navel. Many exercises are designed to train these muscles. The Kegel exercise aims at toning the pelvic floors, as it controls erection. The corpus cavernosum vessels can become clogged if the pelvic floor muscles are in tension. This will hinder the return of blood flow. This can increase pressure on the erectile tissues, which is crucial for a lasting erection.

Erection issues: Beware of spinning and cycling

Male potency, like physical performance in general is affected by natural ageing. The penis erection won’t last as long if the tissue loses its elasticity and is not well-supplied with blood. With targeted physical training, blood flow can be significantly increased and muscle activity can also be greatly increased.

Exercising too much, like long weekends or cycling at the gym (spinning), can adversely affect your potency. The reason is mostly due to uncomfortable and ergonomic stools that cause a sensation of numbness. The tighter the saddle, both the pressure on the perian (the area between the anus and penis), and the less circulation, the more severe it is. This can lead to permanent problems.

Erection issues: Sports that promote potency

Particularly suitable are sports that strengthen the pelvic floor and torso muscles. It is recommended to go hiking, climbing, swimming, and playing golf. Yoga is a great option for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. A good physical condition is a key factor in having better sexual intercourse. You can choose to alternate between bodybuilding and machines if you like to go to the gym. Potency can be increased by small, everyday exercises that are easy to use in daily life. It is a good idea to contract your pelvic floor for 5-10 minutes while driving, at home, or in front of the computer.

Prolongs erection during sex

There are many ways to prolong your erection while sex. You can, for example, contract your pelvic floor frequently, forcefully and rhythmically. It is also a good idea to repeatedly change the position of your pelvic floor muscles before you decide to change it. The change in position should be made with medium tension. These tips are a great way to have a happier love life.

Are performance issues associated with age?

Potency disorders are linked to ageing. Only 2.4% of 20- to 30-year-old men experience erectile dysfunction. This percentage rises to 19.8% in men 40-50 years old and to 67% for older men. This is normal and why “performance” falls at older ages than it does at younger ages. It is also becoming more difficult for the body obtain sufficient nutrients. You can increase your potency by exercising, but you also have the option to replenish any deficiencies that may be present with good nutrients.

When to visit a doctor

You should consult a doctor if all other remedies fail to solve your erection problems. Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of serious illness. It can increase your risk of stroke or heart attack. These may be either organic or mental. The doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment depending on the cause. He may also prescribe medication such as Viagra or Cialis.

Since there are many causes of ED, many medical specialists could be involved in the treatment. You should first see a urologist. Consider whether you should consult other doctors such as neurologists or cardiologists for treatment or diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

Potency medication

In 1998, Viagra was the first drug to contain PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5 inhibits). Although the drug was originally developed to treat hypertension in the lungs, studies showed that patients experienced an improvement in erectile functioning. This “side effect” is what Viagra has been approved for. The active ingredient Sildenafil has been approved in subsequent years for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Similar to Sildenafil (Levitra), vardenafil, and tadalafil, other PDE-5 inhibitors target increased blood vessel dilation that supply the penis. Although this effect may solve the problem temporarily, it does not cure it. Side effects can occur with these drugs so they should be avoided in certain groups.

Many over-the-counter nutritional supplements can be used to meet your nutritional needs. The best one on the market for the moment is Eroxel.  It is a great option because it can be used without the need for exercise and can be taken continuously, unlike prescription drugs. This product is made of natural plant-based foods so there are no side effects or intolerances to nutrients: Eroxel Original.

Heart Disease as a Cause of Erection Problems? Eroxel the best solution!

Is it first impotence, then heart attack? It’s common for erection problems to be linked to heart disease. Studies have shown that erection problems may be a sign of heart disease. Here’s a summary of what you should know.

Causes of Erection Problems: Heart Disease

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by psychological problems such as stress and depression. nerve damage, hormone disorders, or vascular disease. Erection problems can also be caused by a variety of medications. Today, we believe that as many as 80% of erection problems are due to physical causes.

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Heart disease early warning sign: Erection problems

Doctors should be aware of potency problems in middle-aged patients, especially when they occur. These problems are often caused by circulatory conditions and can be a warning sign for undiagnosed heart diseases.

Vascular wall calcification is often responsible for circulatory disorders, also known as arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a result of chronic inflammation processes within the vessel walls. Because more deposits build up at inflamed areas, which can constrict the vessels. This causes blood to stop flowing freely and can lead to organ dysfunction.

Arteriosclerosis can affect any artery in the body, even those that are connected to the sexual organs. It can take some time for affected people to notice a circulatory disorder in the legs or heart. The more severe arteriosclerosis affects erectile function, however, it can take longer. This is why vascular erectile dysfunction can often be a sign of a stroke or heart attack.

Angiographically diagnosed coronary heart disease (CHD), up to 70% of men have had erectile dysfunction before cardiac catheterization. Many men avoid going to the doctor, and neglect the signs of heart disease. Erectile dysfunction is still often viewed as a sexual problem.


An important indicator of a heart attack is erectile dysfunction. Affected people are at double the risk of developing heart disease. It is important that men seek early diagnosis of erectile dysfunction. For middle-aged men, a cardiological exam with a search of risk factors is a good idea.

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Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms and Potencialex as a Treatment

These terms describe the embarrassing condition where the penis is prematurely flaccid, or it’s not difficult enough.

A further criterion to be considered for diagnosis is the persistence of symptoms for at least six months. Anything less than this is unacceptable. Normal is the norm. Even those with erectile dysfunction are eligible for treatment. This is only one question that we will discuss.

Potency Problems: a serious disorder or temporary phenomenon?

40 and over: This is the age group at highest risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction. It is well-known that potency problems are more common in older men. The causes of dysfunction in older men are mostly physical. A visit to the doctor should be made if symptoms persist for longer than half a calendar year. This is the best way to rule out potentially fatal causes and it is also the best way to get effective treatment suggestions.

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Effective Treatment for Potency Disorders

A visit to your family doctor is the best way to start a successful treatment for potency problems. He or she will usually be able to start the necessary steps in your case after thorough examinations and detailed questions about your sexual life.

To determine the most accurate clinical picture possible, ultrasound, blood tests and testosterone measurement are some of the options. Referral to specialists is often necessary.

Specialists such as psychologists, neurologists, and urologists. Due to the complexity of trigger factors, experts from many disciplines are recommended.

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What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about Impotence?

Erectile dysfunction is also known medically as impotence. It affects more people than you might think. It is often the same problem that affects both the person and their partner. In a nutshell, here are the most frequently asked questions.

Is smoking making you impotent?

Although it does not cause occlusive arterial diseases, smoking is a risk factor. The most affected arteries are the ones that are thinnest and sensitive. They are also the ones that are most affected in the penis. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by smoking.

Is cycling going to make me numb?

It all depends on how long the saddle has been in place. It can also cause sensory and circulatory disorders due to the saddle’s pressure. However, this is only true if you cycle for a prolonged period of time and more than 300km per week. These recommendations can help reduce your risk. Adjust the saddle so that it is slightly inclined downwards. The weight will be transferred to the buttocks, not the genital region. The saddle height should be adjusted so that your legs don’t extend beyond the knees. This will reduce the area of the seat. To maintain blood flow, stand approximately once every 10 minutes. A large, well-padded, comfortable saddle is better than a narrow one, which puts extra pressure on the genitals.

What if I have a heart disease but still want to take medication to treat erectile dysfunction?

No problem if you’re not taking any other medication that is incompatible with ED medications. Talk to your doctor as he is familiar with you and your body. You should avoid sex after a stroke, heart attack, or other serious illness for at least 6 weeks.

Is my insurance policy able to cover the cost of sexual stimulants?

No. These could include supplements that treat erectile dysfunction and increase sexual power. These products are no longer covered by insurance companies. Health insurance companies still cover counselling, diagnosis, and treatment. They also pay for cavernous implants, psychotherapies and surgeries.

What should I do if my partner reveals his potency disorder to me?

Keep calm. Talk to your partner if you are asked about your problems. Focus on your partner and forget about what you’re doing. Keep your partner informed and involved in the discussion. Don’t blame or pressure him. But don’t minimize the problem. As erectile dysfunction is often a sign of serious illness, it’s better to work together in order to find a solution.

Do I need to accompany my partner?

You should. You can make a significant contribution to the history of your partner and to any possible causes. You will also learn about possible treatments. During this crucial conversation, make sure you keep your partner comfortable.

What can I do to influence the therapy chosen?

It is better to be honest with your partner. Tell your partner that you are open to working with your doctor and him/her to find the best treatment plan that suits your needs. If your partner doesn’t want you to do so, respect his or her wishes, but don’t withdraw.