Power problems can often be solved naturally. We explain how it works and what exercises can be used to do this.

Many men consider erection problems taboo. However, it is important to try natural remedies before you resort to taking prescriptions.

Definition: An erectile disorder is a condition that causes inability to erection sufficiently to allow for satisfactory sexual activity.

Pelvic floor exercises against impotence

Problems with the pelvic floor are not just a problem for women, but can also be a problem for men. Bladder weakness and impotence can be caused by prostate discomfort, surgery, or vascular disease. Affected men are one in three over 50. More than half of men can have erections again with a little exercise and six months of training. It all depends on these muscles

Many men don’t know where the pelvic floor muscles are, unlike most women. These muscles are located between the pubic bones and the coccyx. They can be felt by pulling the root of their penis towards the navel. Many exercises are designed to train these muscles. The Kegel exercise aims at toning the pelvic floors, as it controls erection. The corpus cavernosum vessels can become clogged if the pelvic floor muscles are in tension. This will hinder the return of blood flow. This can increase pressure on the erectile tissues, which is crucial for a lasting erection.

Erection issues: Beware of spinning and cycling

Male potency, like physical performance in general is affected by natural ageing. The penis erection won’t last as long if the tissue loses its elasticity and is not well-supplied with blood. With targeted physical training, blood flow can be significantly increased and muscle activity can also be greatly increased.

Exercising too much, like long weekends or cycling at the gym (spinning), can adversely affect your potency. The reason is mostly due to uncomfortable and ergonomic stools that cause a sensation of numbness. The tighter the saddle, both the pressure on the perian (the area between the anus and penis), and the less circulation, the more severe it is. This can lead to permanent problems.

Erection issues: Sports that promote potency

Particularly suitable are sports that strengthen the pelvic floor and torso muscles. It is recommended to go hiking, climbing, swimming, and playing golf. Yoga is a great option for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. A good physical condition is a key factor in having better sexual intercourse. You can choose to alternate between bodybuilding and machines if you like to go to the gym. Potency can be increased by small, everyday exercises that are easy to use in daily life. It is a good idea to contract your pelvic floor for 5-10 minutes while driving, at home, or in front of the computer.

Prolongs erection during sex

There are many ways to prolong your erection while sex. You can, for example, contract your pelvic floor frequently, forcefully and rhythmically. It is also a good idea to repeatedly change the position of your pelvic floor muscles before you decide to change it. The change in position should be made with medium tension. These tips are a great way to have a happier love life.

Are performance issues associated with age?

Potency disorders are linked to ageing. Only 2.4% of 20- to 30-year-old men experience erectile dysfunction. This percentage rises to 19.8% in men 40-50 years old and to 67% for older men. This is normal and why “performance” falls at older ages than it does at younger ages. It is also becoming more difficult for the body obtain sufficient nutrients. You can increase your potency by exercising, but you also have the option to replenish any deficiencies that may be present with good nutrients.

When to visit a doctor

You should consult a doctor if all other remedies fail to solve your erection problems. Erectile dysfunction may be a sign of serious illness. It can increase your risk of stroke or heart attack. These may be either organic or mental. The doctor will recommend the appropriate treatment depending on the cause. He may also prescribe medication such as Viagra or Cialis.

Since there are many causes of ED, many medical specialists could be involved in the treatment. You should first see a urologist. Consider whether you should consult other doctors such as neurologists or cardiologists for treatment or diagnosis of erectile dysfunction.

Potency medication

In 1998, Viagra was the first drug to contain PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase-5 inhibits). Although the drug was originally developed to treat hypertension in the lungs, studies showed that patients experienced an improvement in erectile functioning. This “side effect” is what Viagra has been approved for. The active ingredient Sildenafil has been approved in subsequent years for treatment of erectile dysfunction. Similar to Sildenafil (Levitra), vardenafil, and tadalafil, other PDE-5 inhibitors target increased blood vessel dilation that supply the penis. Although this effect may solve the problem temporarily, it does not cure it. Side effects can occur with these drugs so they should be avoided in certain groups.

Many over-the-counter nutritional supplements can be used to meet your nutritional needs. The best one on the market for the moment is Eroxel.  It is a great option because it can be used without the need for exercise and can be taken continuously, unlike prescription drugs. This product is made of natural plant-based foods so there are no side effects or intolerances to nutrients: Eroxel Original.